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MeadowBrook Golf Club

est. 1962
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Hole by Hole 
A variety of holes awaits your golfing pleasure: spacious landing areas, tree lined fairways, water, bunkers, straight holes,
doglegs, uphill and downhill. You and your golf ball can see it all.
Hole 1: Par 4
A great starting hole. A well positioned drive to the right side for the fairway gives a great angle for the approach shot. A drive to the left side gives a shorter approach but a green which slopes left to right brings a deep bunker into play.

Hole 2: Par 3
A large 6,000 square foot green, the flattest green on the course, gives you an abundant target. A green side bunker following the contour of the green on the left side awaits any shot slightly left of target. 
Hole 3: Par 5
Four ponds will suck your ball from play if you are not careful. If the ponds don't get you, a moat and creek located just 25-feet from the left edge of the green will gladly accept.

Hole 4: Par 4

A long par 4 with OB on the left side for 330 yards and a creek on the left for the next 100 yards. The "Island of Trees" located 200 yards from the green comes into play for errant tee shots right. 



Hole 5: Par 4

There is no margin for error on this dogleg right fairway as woods line each side from tee to green. 


- A bunker guards the green on the right side. 

- Bend the ball left to right around the dogleg and    have a shorter visible shot to the pin.


- Play conservative and you face a longer and    possibly blind shot into the green.



Hole 6: Par 5

The longest hole on the course gives you the feeling of being wide open after playing hole #5. However, numerous trees line each side of the fairway for balls straying off course. 

Hole 7: Par 3

A straight uphill, usually downwind par 3 to a long narrow green guarded by bunkers short left and short right.

-The hole looks innocent but it can bite you.

- Make a 3 and leave in glee. 



Hole 8: Par 4

A harmless looking par 4 from the tee box. However, the long fairway slopes right to left leading to the infamous hole #8 green. The smallest green on the course severely slopes right to left.

- A drive to the left side of the fairway gives the best angle for your approach shot.

- A drive to the right side of the fairway requires a great touch for your approach shot.



Hole 9: Par 4

A great risk-reward finishing hole.

- 90 degree dogleg left with OB left from the tee to the green.


- A bunker protects the green on the right side.